JS Pistchio Angel

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Small but mighty!
The smallest are the biggest. Jimmy’s Secret Cosmopolitan takes the lead.

• Magnet closure
• Detachable chain
• Metal ring handle
• Satin lining
• Chain
• Limited edition with a certificate.

Jimmy’s Secret Collection by Lieb Ju, was made from the finest Southern German raw cowhide material. The exclusive silky, glossy, high-quality, smooth leather captivates with it’s natural feel. Finely polished with a subtle pull up effect. The item will be equipped with an aniline lining. The high-quality leather has a thickness of 1.0. 1.2 mm, which is characterised by it’s natural handle.
Quality: The Lieb Ju leather is manufactured from the best selected German raw skins, with the most modern tanning processes, finishes and environmentally friendly dying techniques. All producers are selected according to the highest environmental and quality standards.