Shirin Tabatabai, actress & lifestyle blogger, was born in Iran
and grew up in Germany.

Shirin not only loves acting and entertaining people, she also has a passion for life style and fashion and is an avowed Jimmy's Secret fan: "Fashion is about expressing who you are and what you feel and maybe who you want to be. I love the sun and the sea as well as the positive attitude towards life and Ibiza reflects all thisOn Ibiza the clock simply ticks differently: more relaxed. Here at the sea I feel at home, because my element is the water. Ibiza fashion is also special: Colorful, individual, cheerful, attractive and sexy. Fashion is like a language of its own and at Jimmy's Secret I have the whole range from noble to casual, sexy and feminine, chic and colourful, just in the typical Ibiza style (elegant hippie chic in all facets). Here I always find something special for me, whether for an event, party, dinner or date, for the day at the beach and casual in the city. I can always be unique and shine ... with Jimmy's Secret Fashion every woman becomes an eye-catcher. Fashion has to be fun and Jimmys Secret definitely does, too. Dress, feel good and look great ...and most important: make your own Jimmys Secret experience"

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