Dienstag, der 12. September 2017

Jimmy’s Secret is published in Coco Beach Journal

Jimmys Secret Ibiza Newsletter 3

Sometimes Ibiza can feel like a living, breathing fashion show with so many style setters and fashionistas going around the White Isle, like if it would be their own personal catwalk. On the beaches it’s all about effortless beauty, bohemian luxe looks and Balearics glamour, at night you’ll see sassy, sexy partygoers fusing with high fashion lovers.

This glamorous mix is perfectly captured in the annual Coco Beach Journal – encapsulating perfectly the quintessential Ibiza lifestyle. You can enjoy this guilty pleasure, filled with glamour and sparkle, wherever you go.

Part of this year edition is dedicated to the presentation of the exclusive Jimmy’s Secret brand. The collection includes luxurious Jimmy’s Secret watches, sparkling embellished sandals and unique bags.

Jimmys Secret Ibiza Newsletter 1

The special highlights are the limited edition bags by the Lieb Ju designer, Kiera Nagy. The ultra-luxe handbag collections celebrate the archetypal strong woman: sensual, yet empowered. Each bag is handcrafted, made with high-quality materials. Signature angels are the star feature of each piece – pendants to be clipped on – which, with their feathers, leather straps, pearls, fur and ribbons, give each bag an individual touch.

If you didn’t have the chance to grab your copy of the Journal yet, don’t worry as you still have time to put your hands on it in the Coco Beach Club.
Jimmys Secret Ibiza Newsletter 2